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Trends: Perfume for Him: Our 5 Best Men’s Fragrances this Christmas

Buying Christmas gifts for men can be a struggle, especially for those who already have everything. If you want to branch out from shopping in the sock aisle for the 5th year running, this handy guide could be all that you need.

Perfume is a staple item on everyone’s dresser, and we get it, most people have their own signature scent they come back to time and time again. However, we’re confident our men’s perfume range will delight with fragrances to suit everyone. With high concentrations of quality perfume oils, our fragrances are guaranteed to last throughout the day.

Whether you’re buying for a partner, dad, son, brother or best friend, our top 5 men’s perfume picks this Christmas will have you wrapping up your shopping in no time. And if you’re also looking for that special woman in your life, shop our 5 best women’s fragrances here.  

If you’re not sure what the man in your life might like, try out our fragrance finder to help you on your way or read more about fragrance families and the influence they have.

Mens Gift Sets

Price from: £18

If you really want to treat that special man in your life, our new Perfumer’s Choice Gift Set for Men is an absolute must. Set in a beautifully crafted box, indulge in both No9 by Victor and No10 by Mojo, two of our most popular men’s fragrances this Christmas.












Perfumer’s Choice No9 Victor

Price from: £9.50

FRESH, SENSUAL AND MASCULINE. An iconic male fragrance, ?9 Victor has been carefully designed by our expert perfumers. Full of invigorating notes including apple, bergamot and pineapple, this perfume for men is refreshing, sensual and aromatic.

Colour Me Black

Price from: £6

FRESH, SENSUAL AND INVIGORATING. Embrace your best self with Colour Me Black, an invigorating fragrance designed for men. Bergamot and water fruits are followed by intense geranium and vanilla for a divine perfume for men.

True Grit

Price from: £5

INTENSE, INVIGORATING AND TENACIOUS. Work hard, play hard. True grit is an invigorating men’s perfume. This woody, aromatic and spicy fragrance for men features classic bergamot, pepper and leather for rich warmth and depth.

Colour Me White

Price from: £6

INVIGORATING, WARM AND MASCULINE. Colour Me White is a fresh, modern and invigorating men's fragrance. This luxury perfume for men entwines pineapple and orange with leather, cedar and vanilla for a tenacious, long-lasting fragrance.

Me Too! Homme

Price from: £5

SOFT, SWEET AND PRECIOUS. A soft yet sophisticated men’s fragrance, Me Too! Homme will delight the senses. Blending citrus top notes with ripe berries, lily and warm tobacco to create an enriching perfume for men.

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