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Colour Me Black



Trends: Our Top Picks: Perfume for Men

When it comes to fragrances for men, it is all about finding the perfect scent to compliment your personality and style. There is an abundance of signature male scents out there to choose from, and the right fragrance that suits depends on many factors. Things such as the time of year, or even the time of day, can influence which fragrances men reach for. With Father’s Day fast approaching, it may be the perfect time to treat a man in your life to an invigorating new fragrance. Whether you are a father, know a father, or hold your father in your heart, Father’s Day is the perfect time to treat a loved one or yourself.

That said, you don’t need a special occasion to buy a new fragrance. Perhaps you know of someone who has never experimented with fragrance before or needs a helping hand in choosing the right scent for them. At Milton-Lloyd, we pride ourselves on luxury quality at affordable prices, with our fragrances incorporating the finest quality oils that last all day.  If you’re still unsure which fragrance out there is right for you, try using our fragrance finder to help you on your way. You can also read more about fragrance families and how we combine them to create unique scents for men.

Perfumer’s Choice Victor No.9

FRESH, SENSUAL AND MASCULINE. An iconic male fragrance, Victor No.9 has been carefully designed by our expert perfumers. Full of invigorating notes including apple, bergamot and pineapple, this perfume for men is refreshing, sensual and aromatic.


Colour Me Black

FRESH, SENSUAL AND INVIGORATING. Embrace your best self with Colour Me Black, an invigorating fragrance designed for men. Bergamot and water fruits are followed by intense geranium and vanilla for a divine perfume for men.



Top Gun 2

COOL, CONFIDENT AND RICH. Top Gun 2 brings together classic combinations and exciting new ingredients to create a sensational and striking new fragrance. Cool ozone and plum undertones result in this cool, fresh and charming perfume for men.



Essentials No.1

AROMATIC, SPICY AND FRESH. Find your next signature scent with our popular Essentials collection. A classic perfume for men, Essentials No.1 combines a fresh minty top note with warm vanilla and sandalwood for an invigorating fragrance.




Perfumer’s Choice Mojo No.10

DISTINCTIVE, WARM AND EXOTIC. For a men’s fragrance that blends fresh, aromatic notes with a popular woody base, we’ve designed Mojo. Indulge in amber, oud and tonka beans with this oriental perfume for men.




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