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Trends: Milton-Lloyd’s Top Picks: 5 Perfect Perfumes for Women this Spring

The weather is getting warmer, the future is looking brighter, and the sweet smell of blossom is getting stronger. What better way to welcome Spring than with a new, fresh fragrance to add to your collection.

Spring is about all things new. New blooms, new life and new perfume! Treat yourself or someone you love to something new this spring and try one of our favourite uplifting scents. From sweet citrus to velvety vanilla, our Spring-inspired scents are sure to whisk you away to another world.

Find our top 5 perfumes for women below

Colour Me Pink

FLORAL, WARM AND ROMANTIC. A sweet yet sophisticated women’s fragrance, Colour Me Pink delights through a blend of geranium, lilies and rose on a vanilla base. Romantic, warm and sensual, this is the perfect perfume for women.

Perfumer’s Choice Sofia

MODERN, VIBRANT AND SENSUOUS. Indulge in this modern and vibrant perfume for women that boldly blends orange blossom with red rose and patchouli for a long-lasting, quality fragrance.


VIBRANT, WARM AND SWEET. Dance to this symphony of scents, blended perfectly to create a vibrant yet soulful women’s fragrance. Full of exotic fruits harmonising with fresh florals, Melody is a beautifully orchestrated perfume for women.

Essentials No. 4

SPARKLING, FEMININE AND SENSUAL. Sweet and sensual, Essentials ?4 is a fresh and fruity perfume for women who like to sparkle. Part of our Essentials range, this elegant women’s fragrance features blackcurrant and black pepper for a sweet yet spicy finish.

I Am I Feel

LUSCIOUS, WARM AND EXCITING. Sweet and succulent, I am I Feel is a delicate blend of blackcurrant, pear, iris and orange, providing an uplifting women’s fragrance that’s designed to last all day. Feel vibrant and alive with this beautiful perfume for women.

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