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Trends: Perfume Trends for 2021

Looking back over 2020 and what has already been of 2021, it’s clear there are some great trends emerging in the world of perfumery. From the feel-good factor, through to a focus on escapism, consumers today are expecting a lot from the brands they love – and perfume is no different.

The Feel-Good Fragrance Factor

Mood-boosting products are becoming a staple part of our lives, from good foods to yoga, but have you considered how your perfume can play a part in keeping you feeling relaxed, happy and positive?

Certain fragrance notes are renowned for their aromatherapy powers. Lavender, for example, is thought to increase relaxation and help you get a better night’s sleep along with other soothing fragrances such as bergamot, jasmine, cedarwood and ylang-ylang.

Alternatively, ingredients such as lemon, grapefruit and orange are energising and uplifting. We often associate the scent of citrus fruits with cleanliness helping us to feel fresh, light and in control, when we surround ourselves with these fragrances.

It’s for this exact reason, the different mood-boosting qualities of certain ingredients, that consumers in 2021 will build upon their collection of fragrances in order to choose the perfume that best matches their needs for the day. We’re expecting to see more fragrances focus on relaxing and calming ingredients for both the mind and body including ginger, turmeric and ginseng as a stronger focus is placed on wellbeing in the coming year.

Feeling stressed? Try a lavender-infused perfume such as Colour Me Blue to relax your senses.

Heading on a date? Perfumer’s Choice Valerie, infused with orange could offer a boost of confidence.

Another day at the office? Try Tutu Woman, its citrus notes might keep you feeling energised.

And luckily with perfumes as affordable as ours, you can pick and choose your favourite fragrance every day of the week!

Sustainable Perfumes

According to Forbes, 88% of consumers want brands to help them make a difference. It might feel true that we can’t make a difference to our planet on our own, but collectively we can, and brands have the power to encourage those big changes. There is a growing demand for products to be cruelty-free, sustainable and clean, whether this is how the product is packaged or produced.

For the perfume industry, this means being able to track the source of ingredients, ensuring their production is not exploiting our natural world or the people who work to plant, pick and press ingredients into perfume oils. Additionally, producing packaging that is recyclable or reusable reduces our impact on the planet further, whether this is the cardboard used for delivery or the perfume bottle itself. According to Mintel, the focus on clean beauty and transparent formulations due to COVID-19 will result in new natural and synthetic formulas being created, both in line with eco trends.

At Milton-Lloyd, we are fully committed to saving the environment, one bottle at a time. Please see the easy-to-follow guide on how to recycle our perfume bottles on our website.


Escapism isn’t just about avoiding difficult situations. It’s about taking time out from the daily stresses and anxieties around you to revitalise your mind and body. Escapism can focus on creating a peaceful environment where you can be at one with yourself and your goals, and create a perfect harmony between you and your surroundings.

Whether your escape is to read a book, take a long walk in the countryside or soak into a bubble bath, understanding the needs of your mind and body is an essential part of life.

As we become more in tune with restoring balance, we begin to see flickers of Escapism in the brands we know and love. Candles, body washes and perfumes all have the ability to offer a sense of Escapism to consumers.

Fragrance notes have the power to open up our senses to a whole world of possibilities. Perfumes with notes of ozone such as Top Gun 2 or Futurity may have you dreaming about the coast, while the peppery notes of Night Sky or 331 Homme remind you of that unforgettable trip to the spice markets of the Middle East.

No matter what you’re escaping from, perfume has the potential to take you anywhere and in 2021, we envision brands making the most of the growing interest in Escapism.

Shop our full range today or use our Fragrance Finder to find your perfect perfume.

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