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At Milton-Lloyd, we truly respect our responsibility to protect the environment as well as create a sustainable approach to our production. We take pride in working with our supply chain to lessen our environmental impact and with our consumers to ensure that the products they are purchasing are increasingly eco-friendly.

“We are committed to providing sustainable practices from seed to scent. Whether it is Milton-Lloyd or suppliers we work with, sustainability must be woven throughout every necessary step of the perfumery process.”

Key factors in our contribution to sustainable fragrance are:

  • Minimising waste
  • Ethically sourced ingredients
  • Eco-conscious packaging
  • Social commitment


Milton-Lloyd works with the global leading perfume houses and together their high standards and pioneering technology allows us as a company to REDUCE the environmental impact of fragrance creation


Most of our packaging is fully recyclable however, we aim to RETHINK to make 100% of our products and packaging to be entirely recyclable by 2025


The fragrance houses that we work with seek to use upcycled ingredients where possible to ensure we REUSE the ingredients to get the most life from them, creating a more circular economy


Most of our packaging is recyclable and we are committed to RECYCLE in all our premises

Environmental Dedication

We are committed to lessening our environmental impact and seek to protect the natural world to the best of our ability and work closely with our supply chain to meet this aspiration.

Our products are increasingly eco-friendly which has become the focal point in the development process. The advances in technology have also allowed for raw materials to be more sustainably harvested and where possible, we seek to use where upcycled ingredients to contribute towards a more circular economy.

Packaging Commitment

Milton-Lloyd recognises the need and importance of packaging products responsibly to protect the precious environment and preserve biodiversity. That is why most of our packaging is recyclable and we are committed to offering plastic free alternatives where possible.

Charitable Work

At Milton-Lloyd we give back to the community that we live in. A portion of our profits go to local charities seeking support for the young and disadvantaged communities.