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Trends: A hint of rose: Treat the one you love this Valentine’s

February 14th is approaching, and there is romance in the air. St. Valentines Day is a time to think of our loved ones, and more importantly, show them how you feel. Many would agree that nothing encapsulates love and passion better than a red rose. Every year, roses are sold by the millions to romantics across the world looking to express their feelings to loved ones. But how exactly did the red rose become a symbol of love? We delve into the romantic tradition of red roses, and how you can add a floral twist when gifting your loved one this Valentines.

Why roses on Valentine’s?

It’s no coincidence that St. Valentine’s Day falls as the flowers start to bloom in spring. But where did the association between flowers and romance first begin? Well, the tradition of red roses to express love traces back to Greek mythology. According to myth, Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love, cried tears over the death of her lover Adonis. A rose bush grew from the ground, and the flowers forever remained a symbol of her passion. Later in history, the Victorian Era saw a rise in ‘floriography’, which was the art of using flowers to communicate feelings. Since then, flowers are often used to express emotions through the symbolism of their colour: for example, red for passion, yellow for friendship and white for purity.

What makes roses romantic?

Not only does the colour of red roses symbolise love and passion, but flowers themselves are long associated with beauty. Floral scents are fresh and romantic, providing the perfect expression of love. The floral-rose note is a classic in perfumery. No matter what trends come and go, you’ll always smell timelessly elegant with a rose-infused fragrance. That’s why we look to combine notes of rose in a selection of our fragrances.

Give an ancient symbol a modern twist

The romantic status of the rose has long persisted through history, but how can you give this traditional symbol of love a modern twist? Rather than sending your loved one a conventional bouquet, why not surprise them with a beautiful rose-scented fragrance? Valentine’s Day is all about thoughtfulness and care, and choosing a perfume with a delicate blend of rose is the perfect way to communicate that hint of romance. What’s more, a rose-infused fragrance is a gift that lasts longer than a short-lived flower!

Gift the scent of roses

We believe our exquisite range of rose-infused perfumes makes the perfect gift this Valentine’s Day. For romantics out there, you need to look no further to find that perfect floral fragrance. With distinct notes of rose, our Colour Me Pink is one of our most popular romantic scents. Perfect for day or night, this fragrance adds a hint of sensuality to the rose scents sitting on a base of vanilla. Love embraces classic perfumery, combining rose with modern spices and sweet peach to offer a delicate and fresh scent. Another romantic scent, Perfumer's Choice No.2 Sofia contains rich and feminine middle notes of rose, the perfect heady scent for your loved one. Treat your loved one to a romantic scent this Valentine’s Day, or shop our full range today.

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