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Talking About Fragrance: Talking About Fragrance

Fragrances are deep, complex creations that speak differently to each and every one of us. The language of fragrance is unique, and to fully understand the power of perfume, we must first understand how to feel, listen and talk about it.

The importance of smell

Out of our five senses, smell is the one most associated with memory and emotions. Smells can take us back years, from our first family holiday to our grandma’s kitchen. We can instantly relive a moment in time with just the smallest hint of a certain smell, whether it’s food, flowers or fragrance that takes us there. 

Designing an iconic fragrance

Similar to how musical notes are composed to make a song, each note sitting perfectly within the rhythm, fragrance notes are delicately balanced to form the best-selling perfumes we know and love. To create the perfect perfume, it’s important to understand exactly how individual fragrances are grouped to form families. By knowing which ingredients easily complement one another, and how to blend contrasting notes for a uniquely layered perfume, the possibilities are endless. 

Talking about fragrance

The language of fragrance is broken down into three groups; top notes, middle notes and base notes. Together, these three layers create perfumes that develop over time for a wonderful and sensual experience. 

Top Notes 

That burst of fragrance when you first spray your perfume is made up of top notes and they’ll typically last for between 5 and 15 minutes. The most common families that make up top notes are citrus and light florals – they tend to be sweet and fresh in order to add sparkle. 

Middle Notes 

Middle notes make up the heart of the perfume and provide the distinctive fragrance that lasts anywhere between 3 and 6 hours. Heart notes add personality and soul to a perfume and commonly feature aromatic, fruity and floral notes, along with light spices and amber. 

Base Notes

Base notes are often described as the signature of a perfume, leaving a long-lasting impression on the wearer’s skin. Lasting for over 6 hours, these notes provide remarkable depth and tenacity, often developing into a warm and sensual fragrance. A combination of woods including sandalwood, patchouli and cedar make appearances in many dry downs, while vanilla and musk are two of the most common. 

When it comes to talking about fragrance, we must understand that every language is unique. Creating the perfect harmony of fragrant notes takes time, skill, passion and creativity. Our perfumers can speak the language of fragrance at a depth that allows them to develop iconic scents that you will fall in love with. Because when a perfume speaks to you, you listen with your soul. 

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