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Trends: Woody and Spicy: Get cosy this Christmas with earthy, warming scents

With the winter season approaching and the nights drawing in, many of us are starting to reach for perfumes with earthy, warming notes. Woody and spicy trends are at the heart of many of our fragrances, and we want to talk you through why these scents have that winter appeal.

Take a wintery walk with rich, woody notes

Nothing beats the fresh scent of wood as you wander through a forest: woody notes provide the perfect natural base note to any perfume. For centuries, organic materials such as bark, trees and pine cones have been used in perfumery, with many containing Sandalwood, amberwood and cedar. Used among Middle Eastern Arabs centuries ago, sandalwood has a long association with spirituality due to its calming properties.

Nowadays, it’s no surprise that many candles and reed diffusers use it as a soft and creamy base note along with notable perfumes. Cedar is also one of the oldest scents used in perfumery. A native wood of the Himalayas and Mediterranean, Cedar evokes a similar scent to pine wood. Like sandalwood, it is renowned for its soothing effect in aromatherapy. Popular among both men and women, these scents are wonderfully unisex - all the more reason to add woody notes to your perfume collection this winter.

Add a twist with a hint of spice

Whilst sandalwood and cedar provide the perfect woody base notes, nothing beats a touch of spice to add depth and warmth to your fragrance. Most people are familiar with the most fragrant spices from cooking, such as cinnamon, nutmeg and cumin. For centuries, these exotic spices have been used in perfumery, with ingredients tracing back to the Middle and the Far East. Spicy notes are rich and distinctive, adding character to any scent. Even a playful hint of ginger makes for the perfect fragrance on a winter’s day.

What happens when woody and spicy fragrances combine?

Well, they say that opposites attract! Woody and spicy go hand-in-hand when it comes to fragrance. Sandalwood and cedar combine excellently with a nip of spice to energise their natural notes. What’s more, scent is a powerful gateway to memory. Woody and spicy fragrances might transport you to another place, perhaps walking through the forest with a hot mulled wine, or curling up by the fireplace. The combination is aromatic and earthy, heady and romantic – perfect for Christmas.

So which woody and spicy fragrances do we recommend?

We have the perfect recommendations of woody and spicy fragrances. Colour Me Black, No.10 Mojo and Stars are our most comforting woody scents. For a kick of oriental spice, America Look combines amber and incense for that uplifting feel. These timeless perfumes are the perfect gift this Christmas – give someone the gift of fragrance and let them be transported to a magical wintery place!

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