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Trends: Juicy and Fruity

As we head into summer, juicy and fruity perfumes will be flying off the shelves. Their sweet and succulent compositions are perfect for those long summer days. Whether it’s pomegranate or pineapple, perfumes containing fruity essences are hugely popular.

Endless fruity fragrance varieties

Fruity fragrance covers an immensely broad range of perfumes. While fruits were often confined to their native countries in centuries gone by, perfumers today have access to the world’s most exquisite ingredients offering endless opportunities limited only by the imagination. Fragrances no longer have to be defined by one simple scent and creating the perfect fruity cocktail that embodies ingredients from every corner of the globe can result in beautiful equilibrium.

Fruity personalities

Different fruits have different personalities, and although they may all sit within the same fruity family some blend better with contrasting families and ingredients. To unleash their full potential, fruits can be categorised further to include sweet, rich, exotic or citrus aromas. Depending on their characteristics, these fruity aromas can be layered together to create the perfect blend that takes you on a sensual journey from the initial top notes through to the deep, long-lasting base.

Perfumes often lead with sharp fruity notes such as lemon or apple for that instant breath of freshness, while deeper more succulent fruits including blackcurrant and berries are woven through the fragrance’s heart. Pear, peach, cherry and apricot are all starting to make appearances in popular women’s fragrances while men’s perfumes embody the classic lemon, orange and grapefruit.

Finding a fruity fragrance

Juicy fruits are present in so many classic perfumes on the market today. If you’re looking for your next fragrance cocktail, we invite you to find out more about some of our favourite fragrances.

Colour Me Flowers is a sweet perfume with fruity hints of peach, strawberry blossom and mandarin. We also love the deep and sensual No.8 Valerie with sparks of blackcurrant and orange flower.

For men, we love Bondage Out Hommes which combines anise and grapefruit with raspberry and lavender for a warm, sensual fragrance as well as our bestseller No.9 Victor which combines delicious apple and pineapple with juicy melon.

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