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Insight: Day and Night Scents: What’s the Difference?

Warmer days are upon us, and with restrictions lifting, many of us might be venturing out in the evenings with friends and loved ones. In our previous blog, we discussed how perfume affects your mood but alongside how you are feeling, the time of day can also make a big difference in which perfumes you reach for. For some, it’s important to make a clear distinction between day and night scents, like spraying on a relaxing evening perfume to wind down after a busy day. For others, there might not be time to change perfumes when rushing to after-work drinks straight from the office and a fragrance that transitions from day to night is ideal! Whatever your plans, day or night, here at Milton-Lloyd we are here to help guide you through choosing the best fragrance.  

Daytime fragrances

From the moment you wake up in the morning, your senses are tuned into the aromas around you. You might find that particular smells make you feel awakened, such as the smell of fresh coffee or newly cut grass. Whilst the sun is out, we are often drawn to light, floral scents, particularly in the spring and summer seasons and before leaving the house in the morning, a spray of a citrussy, fruity perfume can help you to feel fresh and ready to face the day. That’s why you’ll find that daytime fragrances are often lighter and not too overpowering, especially as you are likely to be at work or in public places. For women, our top recommendation for a light daytime scent is Colour Me Pink with its top notes of rose. For men, Success pour Hommes is sure to revitalise you throughout the day with its bright, lively essences of bergamot and lime.

Nighttime fragrances

As you head into the evening, many opt for scents that are stronger and more characterful than popular daytime fragrances. Perhaps you are heading on a romantic date and want to leave a lasting impression? Or perhaps you want to wear a louder fragrance whilst on a fun-filled evening with friends. Nighttime fragrances often are more sensual, containing deeper woody or musk notes. For women, we recommend our Night Flower fragrance, as its notes of sandalwood and incense add a touch of mystery. For men, Perfumer’s Choice Mojo is sure to add a pinch of spice to your evening. But remember, bold evening scents aren’t for everyone! Some may want to use the calming scents of lavender or cedarwood to relax and unwind. Whatever your perfect evening, there’s a fragrance out there to compliment it!

Day-into-Night fragrances

For those that need a flexible fragrance to carry them from day into night, look no further! We have a range of scents that suit any time of day. Miss Tutu contains top notes of fruits, alongside those woody base notes to take you into the evening while Colour Me Black is the perfect scent no matter the occasion.

At Milton-Lloyd, we’ve been committed to prioritising perfume oil over branding, advertising and packaging, which has enabled us to focus all of our creative efforts on the perfumery itself. We love experimenting with fragrances, and it’s important to remember that there is no rule of thumb for which perfumes you should wear at different times. Why not try mixing it up and using your daytime perfume at night, and vice versa?

To find your perfect fragrance, for any hour of the clock, browse our full range today or try our fragrance finder.

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