About Milton-Lloyd

Since the beginning in 1975 Milton-Lloyd has always offered the finest quality of fragrance at the lowest possible price. There is no great secret to what makes an excellent fragrance – It is not the expensive bottle it comes in; we offer our outstanding fragrance in simple packaging. An excellent fragrance is not the created by the advertising that promotes it; we do not spend money advertising our fragrances.

It is our consumers genuine recommendations have been our advertising and promotion and has been the best endorsement of our fragrance. An outstanding fragrance is created by the essence that is contained inside the bottle; the fragrance is what we invest in, develop and focus our attention on. We buy the finest quality; longest lasting oils, and we put them in at the highest concentration to ensure we repeatedly delight the final consumer. We take great pride in the fact that all of our products are made in England, to an exceptional standard.

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